Although my website is primarily dedicated to my music writing and promotion, music doesn’t pay the bills (and I’m not quitting my day job in the foreseeable future). Fortunately my skill set is wide enough to patch together a living. I would love to help you out with your music project in a limited capacity, help you arrange music for the sheet music types of musicians, play an instrument on your music, help record some of your instruments, or run sound for your next event. All of my rates and services are listed below.

Audio Tech (live sound guy): $350/day

Trombonist for studio recordings: $70 minimum @ $35/hour

Studio Recording Engineer: $70 minimum @ $35/hr, *I don’t recommend recording more than a couple individual parts through me as my home studio space is not ideal for extensive projects.

Location Recording**: $200 minimum @ $40/hr.

Instrumental Arranging/Sheet Music Scoring:

  • 1-2 instruments – $2.50/measure
  • 3-4 instruments – $3.00/measure
  • 5-8 instruments – $3.50/measure
  • 8-14 instruments – $4.50/measure
  • 15+ instruments – $5.00/measure

**Location Recording is when I travel to your selected venue with my recording gear. It can be during a live performance, or specifically to record music in a particular space. Best suited for classical groups, recitals, choirs, or anything in a church or performance hall.