Since COVID-19 decimated the Live Events Industry, which was the bread and butter of my income, I’ve expanded my services to include Low Brass Lessons (beginning to advanced high school), and Podcast Editing.

Additionally, to book me, please e-mail at my new address,

Low Brass Private Tutor: $40/hour; $20/half-hour – recommended for beginners

Podcast Audio cleaning and editing: $60 per episode – up to one hour in length

Post-Production Audio/Sound Design: $60/hour – applicable to designing/producing a podcast 

Audio Engineer (live audio, or consulting): $400/Day; 1/2 Day minimum

Trombonist for studio recordings: $35/hour; $70 minimum

*Studio Recording Engineer: $35/hour; $70 minimum

**Location Recording: $40/hour; $200 minimum

Instrumental Arranging/Sheet Music Scoring:

  • 1-2 instruments – $2.50/measure
  • 3-4 instruments – $3.00/measure
  • 5-8 instruments – $3.50/measure
  • 8-14 instruments – $4.50/measure
  • 15+ instruments – $5.00/measure

*I don’t recommend using me and my studio for recording more than a few individual parts. My home studio space is small and not ideal for extensive projects (children, garbage trucks, fire house nearby, motorcycle bar across the street, etc…)

**Location Recording is when I travel to your selected venue with my recording gear. It can be during a live performance, or specifically to record music in a particular space. Best suited for classical groups, recitals, choirs, or anything in a church or performance hall.