I have recently relocated to Peoria, Illinois and am open to work either locally, or travel for other work. A commute greater than 2-3 hours will generally require lodging and mileage. I still wear many hats and keep a lot of options open, but most of my work still goes to mixing live audio for meetings and events. If you’d like to book me for one of my services listed below, please email me at Devin.P.LaRue@gmail.com

Audio Engineer (live audio A1/A2, or acoustic consulting): $525/Day

Podcast Audio cleaning and editing: TBD, based on number of voices, production value, etc. Roughly $60/hour

Post-Production Audio/Sound Design: $60/hour – applicable to designing/producing a podcast 

Low Brass Private Tutor: $50/hour; $25/half-hour (recommended for beginners/middle-school age)

Trombonist for studio recordings: $50/hour; $100 minimum

*Studio Recording Engineer: $50/hour; $100 minimum

Instrumental Arranging/Sheet Music Scoring:

  • 1-2 instruments – $3.00/measure
  • 3-4 instruments – $3.50/measure
  • 5-8 instruments – $4.00/measure
  • 8-14 instruments – $5.00/measure
  • 15+ instruments – $5.50/measure

*I don’t recommend using me and my studio for recording more than a few individual parts. My home studio isn’t set up for a full band to come in. If you have a recording space and just need an engineer for a large project, that would be more ideal.