Hey friends! Thanks for checking out my website.

I’m an AV technician by trade, a musician by heart, a father of 3 kids, and a husband to a better wife than I could ask for.

I love writing music. I try to write music that most people can relate to, but also has a complex depth that pursues a hopeful spirituality and draws in nature-inspired elements as scenes or symbols.

I’m currently working on an album. The theme is around the Creation of nature and man, the strife we’re born into and have to wrestle with, and a spiritual resolution to that struggle. Many of the pieces illustrate a particular natural scene, and that scene serves as a symbol for the bigger story. It’s a combination of orchestral and folk instruments. Half of the songs are instrumental, and half will have a voice and lyrics. I’m excited for this to come into fruition in 2018, but I have a lot of work and money-raising to do in the meantime. I’m hoping that the message of peace I’m trying to convey will translate to you as you listen 🙂

Aside from music-writing, I find a lot of joy in mixing up the types of gigs I take on, especially in the music field. You can see my broad list of professional services on the pertaining page, and I’d love to help you with your project if you think I’d be a good fit!

Feel free to contact me directly through the “contact” page, and I’ll probably respond within a day.