Making Headway

I’m just getting started on building my website. This is a first for me. I have no experience in visual design or web building, so it’s quite a departure from the sorts of work I’m used to.

I recently finished orchestrating Track 1 of my upcoming album. It’s much more orchestral and instrumentally driven than the rest of the tunes. The rest of the album will be more song-like. I began thinking up ideas for this one a little over a year ago, but as my idea began stacking, I quickly became overwhelmed with the idea of how I would patiently transcribe it all out. I’ve never orchestrated anything this heavily without a prior existing structure to work around. Finishing this was a huge confidence boost, and I’m super excited to hear it when it’s time to record early next year. Here’s a few measures to sample from the score:

Score Sample

Seeing this excerpt isn’t going to make sense as to how all the instruments are working together. This is near the climax of the piece after a long, minimalist-like build. Each pair of instruments that enter represents a different sort of element of nature. The high strings are light, the low strings are water, the woodwinds are… wind, yeah, I can be a bit on the nose, I suppose. Don’t judge me.

But anyway, the rest of the album is coming together more and more. My goal still stands of having the structure of all the songs written out by the end of this month. After that I need to have all the instrumental sheet music written out before the holidays. I have to keep pushing!

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