About halfway there

All the sheet music arrangements finished! It was a long and often tedious process, but in the long run, it will be very fulfilling work. I’m currently trying to schedule a time to bring in the string players for a long recording session. We should be able to get a good start in late February. I keep going back and combing through the parts, finding little things I want to change. I think I’ll keep finding things I want to change all the way up until I send it off to mastering.

It’s a really good feeling to know that all my parts are laid out. There’s a sort of concreteness and peace of mind in knowing that it won’t be a scramble to find the right notes to play on recording day. All in all, I have 104 pages of sheet music for the string, brass, and woodwind players. I’m more concerned about my printer at this point.

My next step is making a promo video so that I can pay my musicians through the whole project. I really don’t want to do this. I don’t like promoting myself, and I don’t like asking for money. I’m also not a camera/film guy, but I know how to do the basics. I’d rather just be layering in more instruments into the mix right now, but I have to write out a script and find ways to make the promo video interesting. Blah.

It seems like I’m still running on schedule for an October release though. I think the only hold up at this point would be not having the funds in place when they need to be there.

OH! And Ashley Kopp-Wenzel has sent me some updates on her progress on the album artwork. I’ve included a VERY SMALL sample of it.

Album Art Preview

The artwork stretches across the front and back of the cover, so 24″x12″. This sample is zoomed in, and will account for about 3″x2″ (about 2%) when it’s printed on the cover. Bear in mind, there is a lot more processing for her to do. Her detail work is incredible. I spent a good 2 hours combing through the whole thing and kept finding more and more hidden images.

So, promo video is next. And then from there it’s going to be recording, recording, recording!!

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