Pre-order Announcement

I am done mixing! On Wednesday, I’ll be submitting my final mixes to Ben Kesler at ex’treme Institute for Mastering. After that, by August 3rd, I’ll send the mastered files on up to Standard Vinyl in Vancouver, and hopefully we’ll have the physical records in hand by the end of October 🙂

Currently, I have just barely enough money to print the minimum 300 vinyls. I had to pony up a good bit of my own money to make this happen. Starting today, I am moving away from the GoFundMe/donation platform, and transitioning it to pre-orders. The dollar amount is the same, so $25 will buy the physical vinyl album (which includes a digital download). It’s unfortunately more expensive per record to make a small number of copies as opposed to mass-producing them. If I had an industry behind me funding this, and 10,000 fans, they would be cheaper, but that’s not the case here. Sorry.

So, here’s the change. Pre-order through my website instead of the GoFundMe page

Or just use this handy Pay-Button right here:

Pre-order my upcoming album, “Finding Peace”

Pre-order before August 2nd to ensure your copy of the vinyl! I can’t guarantee available quantity after that date. Each vinyl comes with a code for a digital download as well. If you’ve previously donated, I already have your copy reserved, don’t worry. If you’re a stranger, please send an e-mail with either your address or our mutual friend to so that I can get your copy to you.


Click the number of vinyls that you want, and the price goes in 25-dollar increments. You can also pay through credit/debit card! The money goes directly to my PayPal account and there are no percentage cuts off the top. I am going to leave up my GFM page until it’s released as a way to share my story, but they do take about a 9% cut off each donation.

If, by some miracle, I get in more than 300 pre-orders between now and August 2nd, I will bump up the album production to 500 (the next available increment). I will still continue to take pre-orders after August 2nd, but I won’t know to print more if we exceed the 300 mark. If, by another miracle, sales go really well, I’ll look into making a CD. Currently, I just can’t afford to make both a vinyl and a CD.

The music has turned out really well. I’m very content with how things are. It has a dramatic arc to the story, covers a wide range of emotions and soundscapes, and has an overall soothing and natural vibe. It’s both engaging and relaxing. I’ve been listening to it both critically and passively quite a bit over the past few weeks, and I’m not tired of listening to it, somehow. Either that means it’s really good, or I’m a self-centered narcissist. Probably half and half 😉 My only area of discontentment is my own voice, but I think it’s possibly acceptable. I’ll find out after the first critical review, I suppose.

The album is titled, “Finding Peace.” 12 very solid tracks, and running time is 59 minutes, 36 seconds. Pre-order today, or on July 16th or August 1st when your paycheck comes through 😀

And in case you missed it, here is my update video from April, before I began mixing:

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