Last words on Finding Peace

Well, I guess this about wraps up all the work on the album. The release date is still set for October 22, so just a couple weeks and it will be out there. You’ll find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and several other sites. Be sure to download the album, or at least save it to your Spotify account.

Just the other day I got the vinyl test presses in the mail to listen to before signing off on the full production run. They sound incredible. So, I’ve always been skeptical when people say, “Vinyl sounds better than digital.” Technically, vinyl can’t be as perfect as digital. But it really does sound better on vinyl. I listened on a few different speakers, and the difference is obvious. A lot of the harshness in the strings and vocals are gone in the vinyl. It’s a much warmer sound, and feels very nostalgic with the slight hum and ticks of the turntable. If you’ve got a turntable, this is definitely the way I recommend listening to it. The digital experience will still be good, but you won’t be able to beat listening to it on vinyl.

So I was considering doing a live show for a while. I got in contact with some of my recording musicians to see who would be on board, found some other folks that were interested in playing. My work schedule was filling up, and I needed to start saving money to get ready for the off-season (my work is freelance in the event production world, and there are very few jobs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s making it a financially terrifying time of year). I knew it was going to be extremely stressful to try and get rehearsals going for everyone, teach people all the banjo, guitar, piano, and bass parts, book a space, find a good sound guy… lots of moving parts. I decided to scrap the live show release idea after a few weeks of pushing. Instead I’m doing a backyard BBQ and listening release party. Much easier! I’ll be happy to grill food while everyone else is inside listening.

So Sunday, October 21st, 4PM-9PM will be my release party in my backyard! It’s an open invite, just a suggestion to bring some sort of food item. Check out the facebook event to RSVP:

I may not have a chance to post another update before release, so I’m trying to think of any last thing to say about it before you listen. I think I would just encourage you to really keep on the lookout for symbolism so you can see the depth of the overall meaning. There are several musical melodies and chords that are repeated throughout the album in different ways that tie the story together. Some groups of instruments have a specific meaning or character assigned to them. And there’s plenty more literal elements of word painting where certain sounds try to depict wind, water, weather, among other things. But I don’t want to spoil any of it for you! I want you to find out what these elements and impressions mean to you.

Anyway, it’s just music. Have fun listening!

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